Katie Nordhoff

Special thanks go out to Ronn Vinluan of MomentoTempus and Katie Nordhoff our model for this shoot.  It was a perfect night as the chill of fall had not set it and the humidity of New York dispersed.  Madison Square Park and the Flat Iron building are a great setup for a street backdrop.  The shoot lasted for only a few hours and was an obvious success as you can see from the photos below.



Photography done by Brazie Enterprises. Please contact me for any copyright or release requests. Copyright 2013 Brazie Enterprises

Katie Final Cut-27

Katie shot below with the Empire State Building illuminated in the background.

Katie Final Cut-12

Casual shot in Madison Square Park by the ShakeShack.

Katie Final Cut-6

Fountain shot.


Street shot illuminated in half by on coming traffic.

Katie Final Cut-25

Street light lamp shot.

Katie Final Cut-19

Side shot.


Katie shot with a shade of blue.

Blue Katie


Katie Nordhoff 2



Katie Nordhoff 3



Katie Nordhoff 4



Katie Nordhoff 5